In 2001 Emilio Lopez Diaz got into the family business. As a sixth-generation coffee farmer, Emilio was looking to continue the family legacy and move the story of coffee further into the future. Around this time, the first washing station was installed at Finca Ayutepeque, a farm that had been in the family for several Generations.

The washing station gave the farmers the control to process the coffee on the farm where it was produced. This, in turn, gave a degree of control to the process allowing them to trace each bean exported back to the place where it was grown. From this point on, all aspects of the process and quality are controlled and overseen; the grade of the cherries to the production ratios from cherry to green coffee.

Over time, coffees from this farm have developed into solid workhorse coffees, displaying good structure and body with a smooth acidity and good overall sweetness. It is a perfect blend component adding an element of depth and sweetness.